Exciting changes are taking place at the American Air Museum in Britain.

We have embarked on a campaign to refresh and improve the physical museum and create a virtual ‘museum without walls’ on the web. We have already developed a learning program to take the stories of sacrifice and courage to current and future generations.

Exciting new displays

Millions of visitors have come to experience the museum’s unique collection of historic aircraft and artifacts. Renovations to the physical museum will:

  • Conserve the impressive collection of aircraft and other objects in the museum’s care
  • Update content of exhibits and incorporate new media and technologies to tell stories related to Anglo-American military cooperation and its impact
  • Capture the oral history of US airmen and women during times of conflict and peace.

A museum without walls

Work is already underway to digitize a jewel in the museum’s care.

The Roger Freeman Collection consists of approximately 15,000 prints and slides assembled by aviation historian┬áRoger Freeman (1928-2005). They depict all aspects of the air war as fought by the US Army Air Forces from Britain in the Second World War. There are images of everyday life on and off base, aircraft, combat, incidents, events, local people…

We intend to put these images online to allow individuals who are unable to visit the physical site at Duxford to experience and enjoy them. Working with expert organisations and individuals, we will build a comprehensive database of the air war as fought by USAAF from the United Kingdom.  The new website will:

  • Offer a portal for visitors to submit their own information, stories, photographs, and other media
  • Provide intergenerational opportunities to connect, explore, and learn
  • Aid teachers, scholars, and historians of all ages by providing unique online tools and resources.

Learning program: teachers at the museum

We are now in the third year of the American Air Museum Summer Residency program, which has attracted the generous support of Northrop Grumman. The Summer Residency brings together teachers from the US and the UK to collaborate on creating learning resources inspired by US airmen and women. We will continue to develop this work to ensure that these important stories are passed on to current and future generations.